Chaney Monge School

Please contact Mrs. Kosek at 815-722-6673 for homeless program information.

School Hours

Grades K-4: 7:55 - 2:40PM
Grades 5-8: 7:55 - 2:45PM
See the District 88 Calendar for 11:30am and 1:30pm dismissal dates.

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Keep Your Blackboard Connect Phone Number and Address Updated for School News

Please be sure to update the school with any phone number or address change as soon as the changes occur. Many materials are mailed from our school. Our Blackboard Connect system relies on a correct phone number. This is the official school system which is used for many purposes. Mrs. Hall uses the system for important messages. Often a voice recording may be used which is delivered as a phone call. Be sure to listen to messages. The system allows the administration to view who received each message and in what format-live delivery or voicemail etc.